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Company owner
Company owner

Hey Tom,
I need to thank you for providing such an effective website.  We are very surprised with the results of our website traffic, getting over 2 million page views per year.  With the average cost of our specialty off-road cars at $50K+/ea, that’s an amazing number of page views to increase our brand recognition.  I never imagined our website could generate so much interest in our sandrails, absolutely incredible. I wish all our vendors would treat their customers as professionally and promptly as you. Thanks again for your help, please keep up the good work.

Grant George, Funco Motorsports
Rialto, CA

Thanks for providing such a detailed analysis and action plan to enhance our website. Your web services at UpFront has increased our sales by 5X over the last 2yrs., we’re now in the black!  As we move forward into 2008 I want to expand our site to implement some of the long-term recommendations you mentioned, building upon what we have started. Thanks again for your help.

John Rykowski, Outfront Motorsports
Buena Park, CA