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for a quick website evaluation of your current site optimization. We can do this over the phone and analyze how much we can help improve your search engine results.  You have nothing to lose, give us a call.

Are you one of these?

Have you paid to optimize your website in an effort  to improve organic search engine results, then months later realize it’s not working? Does the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem like a mystery? If you answered yes, we can help.

We offer onsite workshops to teach the latest methods of site optimization....

We provide you with an UpFront SEO Keyword Guarantee

Initial phone consultation is free. When we evaluate your website we will only recommend our services if we are absolutely sure our service can dramatically help.

  • If we provide your company with our workshop seminar, whether on-site or via webinar, and your company follows our advice, we guarantee your search engine positions will be dramatically improved, or your money back with our SEO Keyword Guarantee*.
  • UpFront will never recommend Black Hat tricks that can harm website positioning.  We teach only approved methods of optimization
  • We guarantee a Return On Investment level that you will want to recommend to others.
  • We will provide a written plan that will work for you, guaranteed or your money back*.

About Guarantees

Nobody can guarantee a certain position on the first page of the organic search results for any search engine, and many SEO experts provide no guarantee at all.  But UpFront guarantees you will see dramatically improved positioning in Google’s search results for each new targeted keyword phrase.  In most cases you’ll see positioning in first page.  We provide this guarantee only after we evaluate your website to confirm our techniques will help.  Once we accept your job and present the UpFront seminar/webinar to your company, our money back guarantee applies.

* UpFront Money Back Guarantee

If the customer follows the page structure and word phrase guidelines taught by UpFront SEO, and these steps do not dramatically improve the customer’s Google visibility,  UpFront  will refund a prorated amount of the seminar/webinar fee for the percentage of pages.  IE, if 1 out of 20 pages do not dramatically improve using the targeted search word phrase and UpFront tuning guidelines, you will get a 5% refund of the seminar fee (to date, no refunds have been requested). Refund does not apply to travel costs if charged.  Failure to follow UpFront’s page structure and word phrase guidelines voids guarantee.

If customer hires UpFront to provide optimization code which is implemented by the customer’s website designer, and the end result does not improve positioning for the target word phrase in Google’s organic search results after search engine reindexing occurs, UpFront will refund the charges for each ineffective page.  This guarantee applies to any page that follows UpFront’s recommended page structure and targeted word phrase guidelines for the specific product or service being sold. UpFront cannot guarantee results for any word or phrase, only those that follow UpFront’s recommended page structure and guidelines.