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Which of these Internet Marketing Situation sound familiar?

If any of  these scenarios below sound like familiar Internet marketing problems we can help.  Call us and let’s discuss your specific concerns and issues.  We will look at your website’s code and in a matter of minutes tell you over the phone if we can increase your Internet traffic.  If we determine our services can solve your particular Internet marketing problems we will guarantee improved search engine results.   90% of the time we can help out customers.

New Company, New Website, Poor Results
You have a new company and you have created your own website or had a web designer publish your site.  You’re pretty confident it represents your products or services fairly well, but have no idea how to get Google to exposes your company to the public in search engine results.  The only way people are finding your site is by word of mouth or business cards.

1yr old  Website, Poor Google Visibility, Frustrated
You’ve had a website published for over a year and now wondering why Google isn’t exposing your site using search terms specific to your products or services. Your website designer said it takes time for Google to see your pages and index new sites, but nothing is happening, it’s been long enough.  You have never had a detailed SEO discussion with your web designer and haven’t provided him with any targeted keyword phrases for your products. You were hoping things would get better with time, but a gut feeling says it won’t happen.

Established Company, Website under Construction
Your company has been around for years but you are just getting around to building a website to help find new customers and show the world what you do.  You believe a nice looking website will be a big improvement but your web designer hasn’t discussed search engine optimization (SEO) with you at all.  The term “SEO” is totally new to your vocabulary and you’re unsure how much it can help build your business. You have no way to verify your web designer is including good page tuning to make your company easy to find with search engines.  You would like more control and understanding of the SEO process.

Established Company, Good Website, Poor results
Your company has been around for years, you have a great website that you’ve paid thousands of dollars to develop over the last few years.  You get compliments from many people about how cool the site looks and how valuable the content is, but Google doesn’t put you on the first page when potential customers search for the kinds of products or services you provide.  You feel the ROI on your website investment isn’t paying off as it should.  You know if customers could find you easier with Google, sales would definitely  increase.

Good Website, Marginal Results, Needs Improvement
You are pretty savvy about search engines and have read about methods to improve search positioning.  You have a good looking website but you don’t know how to verify individual page optimization or determine how good it is.   Google isn’t positioning you in the top 10 on the first page and your boss is aware of the problem, he’s telling you to fix it. Your website designer explains that it’s difficult to control how Google indexes a website and offers no options.  You have no idea how to improve things since your web designer has no solution for improvement. You feel stuck.

Using PAY PER CLICK Ad Campaigns
You are using Google Adword or Yahoo’s Sponsored Search “Pay Per Click” campaigns to drive customers to your site.  You’re paying thousands of dollars per year for these recurring fees.  Although your ad campaigns seem to be working you’re looking for a less costly alternative, and you want to expand your horizons. You have never heard of search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your company’s Internet visibility, or you’ve always been curious if SEO can replace “Pay Per Click”.