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Have you paid to optimize your website in an effort  to improve organic search engine results, then months later realize it’s not working? Does the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seem like a mystery? If you answered yes, we can help.

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Google Pay Per Click (PPC) Adword Campaign Management

Google Adwords or Yahoo Small Business can provide immediate help to slumping sales.  Literally overnight you can start getting leads by paying a modest fee per click.  For this fee customers are directed to your website.  UpFront SEO offer services to manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign with experience and results you can see immediately. If you are looking for help to create and/or manage an effective Google Adword  or Yahoo Small business Campaign, give us a call.


googleadwordsYou select keyword phrases that you expect customers will use to find your products using search engines (Google for example).  When a shopper searches on your “keyword phrase”  your ad appears on the first page, assuming you bid high enough for the “keyword phrase”.  It costs NOTHING to have your ad appear on the first page, but if the shopper clicks the ad they are directed your website, a landing page specific for your ad.  For this redirect to your site you will pay a fee, from .05 to several dollars depending on the market demand.  Keyword phrases can be tuned to any industry or market niche to weed out tire kickers and researchers, etc.


UpFront SEO specializes in helping organizations navigate the challenges of creating and implementing a cost effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program. We use our extensive experience to create and implement a custom PPC campaign for you that delivers the results you need for a successful  program.


First, we carefully evaluate your target market, trends, customers and competition to learn the details of your business and product differentiation. We need to learn all we can about your business so we can effectively formulate a campaign strategy.  Upon implementation of the campaign we track, monitor and optimize  program in order to generate qualified leads.  This optimization process helps to get the best possible return on your investment dollar. By researching and testing for the most effective keyword phrases, constantly tuning and revising, we help companies bring in highly qualified prospective buyers.


Google Adwords keyword phrases are auctioned off by Google to your competitors.  Usually the highest bidder gets the highest position on the right hand column of the search results page, or sometimes at the very top.  Costs per click can dramatically vary depending on the selected keyword phrases and target market.    The key is to use words specific to your business that highly target your ideal customer. Google provides the option to put daily spending limits on dollars spent to maintain your budget.  They also provide geographic targeting so you only spend marketing money in territories you want so sell to.  This feature is generally used by service companies that have a limited territory reach.  Lastly, you can easily pause ad campaigns instantly if budget constraints occur.


adwordsAt almost any point in the campaign you can measure the effectiveness of each word or phrase from reports provides by Google, Yahoo, or MSN.  Tuning each ad over time is critical to maximizing conversion rate of incoming prospects.  We can help optimize your PPC ROI and train you with new ideas to be self sufficient over the long haul.  Or, we can manage your PPC campaign to maximize your ROI.  Fine tuning a PPC campaign is the secret to success, and we can help.

Analyzing the effectiveness of Google Adword phrases can be a tedious job.  It can take a significant  amount of time to evaluate and test various word combinations from month to month.  The good news is the payoff can be enormous if it’s done right.  Most everyone that use Google Adword campaigns see an immediate return on investment for each dollar spent, making it well worth the investment.


ROIUpFront can get you started by setting up a campaign virtually overnight.  The ads  start generating leads in 1 day.  We provide you with total transparency, unlike other services.  We are happy to train you to manage the campaign yourself, it’s not that difficult.  Or, we can maintain your campaign on a month to month basis with no long term contract required. 

PPC campaigns are the easiest and fastest way to increase viable customer leads in a short amount of time.  As a campaign matures and provides statistics it will be updated and tuned to maximize the effectiveness.  If at any time you wish to take over the management of the program yourself we are happy to train you for this job and turn over the responsibility when you’re ready.   


Initial setup cost for an account is $250 to $500 depending on the size of the company and number of ads.  The campaign setup fee includes training to manage the campaign yourself.  We also include 1 month of remote assistance for training purposes at no extra charge.


If you want UpFront to manage your PPC campaign long-term we charge a flat fee. We do not ad any PPC surcharge like others.  Our flat fee varies from $150 to $300/mo depending on the size of the campaign.  Estimates for monthly maintenance are free.


Google Adword campaigns are an effective substitute for poor Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Website SEO is highly advised for a long term marketing program to increase “organic traffic”.  But since search engines can take a few months to re-index your site a PPC campaign a a good alternative.  An Adword campaign can give you instant results until your SEO improves Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

The key caution here is to make sure the target words or phrases are very specific to your industry, providing the maximum ROI for each click-through to your site.  The mistake that can occur is to use word phrases that generate high traffic from people NOT looking for your product.  This is wasted Adword money because conversion rate can be low.  At UpFront SEO we carefully pick keyword phrases that work best for your business, maximizing the ROI.